Industry and standardisation activities

O’SHARE will become a member of the BroadBand Forum and contribute to the standardisation studies on SDN-driven access network virtualisation.

O’SHARE will avail of guidance from a number of industrial and academic collaborators, including Telefonica (Spain), Alcatel-Lucent (Germany), Vodafone (Italy and Ireland) and Bristol University.

The fllowing are some of the main activities from industry and standardisation fora on Software Defined Networking for Fixed Access Networks:

  • The BroadBand Forum (BBF) is currently discussing standardisation of access SDN networks.
  • AT&T is working with the ONOS project on the CORD (Central Office Reimagined as a DataCentre) project.
    • A white paper on the CORD concept is available here. The concept of OLT as a white switch is particularly interesting.
    • A second white paper on a proof-of-concept demo is available here.
  • AT&T is working on the Domain 2.0 project as a general framework for evolving its network towards a full SDN-operated system.